woolen fiber mills
Keywords: woolen fiber mills
   Qingzhou Xinhang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. produced new high-speed and efficient multi-functional fiber shredder machine (fiber grinder), this machine design is good, small size, compact structure, it is a special equipment for all kinds of high hardness, easy wound, bad working environment. Its unique design ideas and processing technology enable any shape and structure of the glass fiber yarn, glass fiber cloth, fiberglass mesh cloth, fiber felt, fiber tubes, wire group, cotton cloth, linen, open cotton, old clothes, fiber and other to open quickly , and make the woven fibers rapidly become a required length single fiber. And collecting to ensure environmental protection no dust.

        The woolen fiber mills adopt conveyor to input and output (also can be equipped with strong magnets to prevent hard ferrous metals damaging blade), and has a security block to prevent rolling hand. The blade adopts special materials and process to manufacture, abrasion resistance, long life, and may repair, adjust, change. Unique structural design, not easy card machine because of winding. It has high production efficiency, good crushing effect, and can adjust the length of a single fiber according to the user request.



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