Cotton Yarn Waste Recycling Machine
Keywords: rags tearing machine

         QTJ-250x1000 series double roller, multiple roller bombs cleaning machine (also called cotton cleaning machine, rags tearing machine,opener, flowering machine, flip cotton machine, cotton opening and cleaning machine, etc.),  integrate the experience and characteristics of advanced fiber, Cotton cleaning equipment to manufacture, it has features of reasonable structure, model compact, easy operation, low noise, high yield, processing quality, small fiber damage, auto-echo blanking. Because of adopting the independent high-power suction fan, it can make the dust emission performance more superior. The rags tearing machine can be widely used in many chemical fibers, linen, cotton, wool, yarn, textile waste, waste clothing, textile scrap, non-woven materials. It applies for textiles, toys, clothing, footwear, knitwear, chemical fiber, waste processing industries.



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