Rag cutting machine
Keywords: fiber cutting machine /rags cutting machine
   SBJ800 series fiber-cutting machines with high-speed rotary blade, also known as shreding machines or short-cuntting machine, are a kind of our latest new products, which are designed and manufactured based on our many years experience on fiber preparation and pre-processing textile machines manufacturing, and the requirement of various end-users. 
 Our SBJ series fiber-cutting machines have been patented. Utility Model Patent Certificate No. is 200820025018.7 and Design Patent Certificate No. is 200830163085.0.
The product can be used to cut waste fabrics ,waste cotton yarn,waste cloth,waste cotton ,chemical fiber,linen , leather , plastic film , paper , brand plate,non woven fabric etc.(may allocate strong magnetism selections in addition to stop the damage from the hard metal).After cutting,the materials can be getting good match with next step processing .


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