Peeling device

Cigarette filter tip peeling machine is  one of the newly developed mechanical products, it is very popular for superior quality . Put the wet cigarette filter tip into the peeling machine hopper , the peeling machine studio will separate  the paper and cigarette filter tip fiber peeling .This machine is mainly used for tobacco industry waste unqualified cigarette filter tip due to quality problems can not be used in cigarettes, such as the cigarette filter packing separately in the outer layer of the paper roll with fiber, separate sheet of paper can regeneration to paper, does not contain impurities disk and the fiber can alone be loose, can be made into cotton pillow core, toys filler or textile.

The cigarette filter tip special peeling separator has the advantages of simple manufacture, smooth operation, high yield, small noise, good separation effect of separation, low energy consumption, can clean off the cardboard and were separated, one person can operate..



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