Herbal Medicine Cutting Machine
Keywords: fabric cutter

 This fabric cutter  is made of stainless steel,it can be used to cut chinese herb and other special needs such as non woven fabric.This machine can cut the raw material into a few millimeters to a few centimeters, it is easy to use.  

 The fabric cutter machine  adopts some quality special materials, through hundreds of precision machining procedure. It is a wide range, it can cut all kinds of waste bits of cloth quickly, waste (cotton) spinning, worn-out clothing, cotton wool, chemical fiber, linen, leather, plastic film, paper, trademark licensing, non-woven fabrics and other materials (it also can be equipped with magnetic election, to prevent hard ferrous metals damaging blade). The cutting material size is uniform, adjustable length. The Machine can move easily, the working is stable and reliable, easy maintenance, high productivity, it can solve a lot of manual labor in cutting, loose and re-open for the next processing operation to do a good matching, so it is your ideal choice.



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